Michelle’s Digital Elevator Pitch

The Haiku Deck for my elevator pitch. 

I first was going to try to make a map, since the project is a map (using Zeemaps, Statsilk, Googlemaps mashup, for which there’s a nice tutorial here).  Then it seemed like I was trying to make my project to explain it, not explain what I want to do and why, so it turned into a giant Project Fail. Then, I thought I should tell the story of the story that I’m trying to tell in a public and quantified way… So I tried a picture book with Zooburst.  While fun, suddenly I had Zebras in a classroom and it didn’t make sense or seem appropriate for anyone above age 7.

Finally, I went back to my tried and true favorite presentation software, Haiku Deck.  I make Haiku Decks for everything that needs explaining. It’s a slide show of pictures with limited text, so this presentation won’t make much sense without explanation, but since this isn’t a MOOC pitch, that should be fine.

The process of building this got me acquainted with what APIs are, mashups, and what software is available for this project and more of the scope of this project generally. And I discovered that the CUNY Digital Mapping Service has made public their methodology; I’m now seriously considering this as a template!

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