Final Presentation and Paper Guidelines


10 minute presentation
5 minutes for q & a after presentation

These are informal, but they should be substantive. Your presentation should provide:

  • a concise update of what your project is,
  • where in the process of doing it you are,
  • a discussion of your method,
  • the disclosure of what you don’t yet know and
  • a plan for how you’re going to learn (or get around) it.
  • If you have documents such as a site map, or wire frames, or schematics, please make them part of the presentation.

See this as your last opportunity to get feedback from the class before you prepare your final project for Core II.

Final Project
The final project should be a more formal and argued version of what’s above, 15-20 pages in length, and will be due May 24.

If you will be producing significant media for the final paper — a working web site, for instance — your paper can be shorter in length. Discuss this with us before hand.

Upload your final paper to our Commons Group with your name in the filename (lukewaltzer_finalpaper.pdf or doc or whatever).