Digital Elevator Pitch

Hi All:

One of your classmates wrote the following to us last night:

I’m not sure if it was said and I just missed it last class but how do you want us to submit the digital elevator pitch?
I guess depending on what tool people use they might need to submit differently.
Just a thought; perhaps we could post a link on the blog to wherever our pitch lives?

The answer to this question is dependent upon the tool you choose and how you want to present what you’ve done with it. I prefer when content is embedded within a post, with some type of annotation or introduction, so that all of the content can be in close proximity to the discussion. But that may not be possible with the tool you use or your preferred way of presenting material. So, for the purposes of this assignment, just make sure that the content you produce is accessible and our process for accessing it is made clear. Make some choices, and then we’ll all reflect on the choices together.

Please respond to this post, or post to the group forum with any additional questions about the assignment. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

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    1. Luke Waltzer (he/him) Post author

      Ah– Phil, I get it now that I’ve looked at the Webnotes critique. No reason to move that here– it’s important that your work accrue in your own space. But it would be great if you put up a (short) post here with the link to your Webnotes critique that reflected on the process a bit. Doing so would also create a comments area on our site that your classmates could easily respond to.

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