Getting a Local WordPress Install Up and Running

As we discussed in class the other day, we’d like for you to try to get a local WordPress install up and running prior to the workshop we have scheduled for next Thursday.

Here’s one set of instructions to help you get going┬áif you’re using a MAC environment, courtesy of our friend Boone Gorges.

If you’re using a Windows install, try these instructions.

If you’re using Linux, we assume you’re geeky enough already to figure this out.

Once you get your install up and running, try turning it into a WordPress Network (aka, a WordPress Multisite install). Here’s instructions for that process.

Please try to spend some time on this before class on Tuesday so that we can devote some time to troubleshooting if necessary. We want you all to be equipped with an install for the workshop.

If you do NOT have a laptop that you can do this on, please let us know with a comment here so we can prepare an install for you.



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