Workshops and Motivator Sign-Ups

Hi All:

Most of you have accepted the invitation to join the Commons group affiliated with this course (you should have all gotten an invite; if you haven’t, let us know). If you haven’t, please do so.

Remember, the group is private but the blog is public (though you can always pw protect a post). We intend to use the group functionality primarily for communications (so the email that you will have gotten directing you to this post will in the future instead be posted to the group forum– make sure your email options within the group are set appropriately so that you are not missing anything!) and the occasional posting of documents. It’s totally okay for there to be some overlap between what happens there and here. Just be aware of both spaces.

As soon as you can, please do the following to help get things going for the semester.

  • Go here to choose a class meeting for which you will be the “motivator.” Remember, to motivate means to write a provocative post at least two nights before we meet (remember to categorize appropriately!) and then to lead the discussion of the readings (or, in some cases, the activity we did during the previous week). First come, first served on that.
  • Visit here to choose which workshops you feel you would like to attend this semester. There’s a  lot of moving parts with these workshops, including coordinating with other classes, so bear with us as we nail things down. If you would like to see a workshop that is NOT on the list at that link, then just leave a comment on this post, and we’ll look into whether it’s feasible or not.
  • Visit here to give us a general sense of when you’re available for the workshops this semester.
  • Visit here and leave a brief bio and some links, which we will integrate into the page on a rolling basis.

I think that’s all; as always, holler (Luke and Chris) with any questions or concerns!